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"For Now, and For the Future..."

Allegiant Industrial is the result of industry leaders focused on building for the future, partnering to create a new, world-class company that strives to produce above-exceptional results.


We're comprised of over four hundred years combined experience coming together to meet the needs for future energy growth that truly follows through on the principles of honor, integrity, commitment and loyalty.

The mission at Allegiant Industrial is to provide quality-driven fabrication, construction and reliability-driven maintenance services, producing exceptional results for our customers, employees and our company.

Allegiant Industrial provides these services to:



     •Pulp & Paper



     •EPC Firms

Our vision is to become the preeminent partner of choice for our customers by capitalizing on the work ethic, experience and integrity of our team.

For now, and for the future, we're allegiant. Allegiant Industrial.



We proactively provide a safe injury free enviroment for our employees and our customers. We will create and maintain a culture of safety throughout Allegiant Industrial through transformational leadership by example.


We will establish and maintain a reputation for service excellence by doing it right the first time. We will drive and instill a culture of excellence at every level.


We understand our role as a service provider. We will be responsive and proactive on behalf of our customers acting as business partners delivering value and meeting their expectations.

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