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Allegiant Advantage Engineering is a leading provider of environmentally friendly energy solutions to the industrial energy sector. We specialize in transformational “green” projects that provide optimum functional solutions at the lowest life-cycle cost.

Allegiant Advantage Engineering is the touchpoint for accessing the Allegiant Companies’ full-service world of “green” support that encompasses:

•Project due diligence (technical, commercial, financial)
   •Plant refurbishment and optimization
•Confirmation of technical and commercial feasibility (Pre-FEED and FEED)
•Project execution EPC/EPCm
•Fabrication design
•Operation & Maintenance support

Our “green” subject matter experts are among the most sought after SMEs in the industry, offering incomparable knowledge of all types of brownfield and greenfield projects within the energy sector, including:

•Process (oil & gas)
   •Upstream, Midstream & Downstream
•Process chemicals
•Biodegradable molded fiber packaging
   •Catalyst        •Batteries
•Power (supporting most generating technologies, most fuels including biomass, and most capacity types)
   •Refurbishment and repowering
   •Combustion of off-spec. fuels (including flare gas)
   •Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
   •Temporary power
   •Backup and Standby power
   •Energy storage
       •Batteries           •Hydrogen        •Pumped storage


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