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The Allegiant Industrial Kountze Campus features over 65,000 square feet of shop space for fabrication, cutting, and kitting.


Located on 44 acres off of Highway 69, we're equipped to handle 36,000 spools or 1.5 million factored diameter inch of weld annually with pipe size 48 inch and below, with alloy segregation capabilities.


Our fabrication capabilities include:

•Carbon steel

•Stainless steels

•Duplex steels

•Chrome moly

•Nickel based alloys

•Coded vessel fabrication

From isometric receipt to spool delivery, our state of the art bar code tracking system provides customers with real time spool tracking, available 24 hours a day.


Allegiant Industrial is process-driven. we utilize only state of the art equipment and technology paired with the strongest, most skilled labor and specialists in the industry.

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