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At Allegiant Industrial, we believe maintenance is about reliability - and reliability equals increased revenue. 

Our World-Class Maintenance Program consists of:

  • Managing CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)

  • Managing Back Log

  • Prioritizing Work Orders

  • Keeping PM’s up to date

  • Reusable Job Plans

Manage Work Orders

  • Run and Maintain Work Orders (Planned)

  • Turnaround Work orders (Planned)

  • PMs (Preventative Maintenance) (Planned)

  • Emergency Work Orders (Reactive)

Provide Manpower

  • Reliability Engineers

  • Planners and Schedulers

  • Manage Crew Mix

  • All Crafts

  • Clerical

Additionally, Allegiant Industrial is an experienced turnaround contractor.  We can fill any role within a project of any size including:

  • Planning

  • Scheduling 

  • Documentation 

  • Execution

  • Client representation

Contact us today to discuss how Allegiant Industrial may serve you on your next project. 

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