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Allegiant Industrial is All In

It was recently discovered by accident that the first three letters of “Allegiant” and the first two letters of “Industrial” spell “All In.” It was a discovery that was as simple as our marketing director haphazardly setting a piece of paper over part of the logo on his desk, looking down, and seeing it. This serendipitous moment has lead to an implementation of this message all throughout our brand.

Being “all in” is an etiquette that we've practiced since day one at Allegiant Industrial, and it perfectly describes our culture. We just hadn't found the perfect way to describe it.

This newly-discovered mantra not only means a strict adherence to safety, quality and integrity but also in being a one-stop, complete procurement to paint all solutions provider to our clients.

When Allegiant Industrial was founded, it was the coming together of individuals from leadership roles in our industry with decades of experience...over 400 years combined, in fact...with a vision to create a company that was never satisfied with being “good enough.” It would take a commitment of being all in to achieve the above-exceptional results we strive for.

With a strong emphasis on safety, our work consists of both major and capital projects, routine maintenance, and turnarounds. Our shops are staffed with highly skilled fabricators and welders with excellent safety and quality performance records. We focus on exceeding our customers' expectations in performance, schedule, delivery and cost.

Allegiant Industrial is process-driven. We utilize industry standard equipment and technology paired with the strongest, most skilled labor and specialists in the industry.

Our two campuses feature a combined over a half million square feet of shop space to include welding, fabrication, blasting, coatings and stress relieving facilities with onsite post-weld heat treat oven, plus in-house trucking capabilities.

We're equipped to handle 130,000 spools (or 3 million factored diameter inch) of weld annually, with pipe size 112 inch and below, with segregated capabilities. From isometric receipt to spool delivery, our barcode tracking system provides customers with real-time spool tracking, available 24 hours a day.

In 2018, we proudly introduced the Allegiant Industrial Island Park Campus. The Allegiant Industrial Island Park Campus is located on 75 acres with deep water, rail and interstate access. Because of this exclusive deep water access to the Gulf of Mexico, we're able to deliver the most complex modular solutions, including oversized vessels.

Allegiant Industrial Island Park Campus also features five paint and three blast booths, enabling us to handle 5 million square feet of coated surface annually, including Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA), Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) and Teflon.

This combined with our Field Services Division allows us to meet needs in serving customers world-wide.

As we grow at Allegiant Industrial, one thing remains the same: our commitment, honor, loyalty and integrity, the very things that define the word “Allegiant.”

For now, and for the future...we're All In. Allegiant Industrial.

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