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Allegiant Industrial Tasked With Returning Life to Lufkin-Area Power Plant

In June 2020, Allegiant Industrial was given the mission of evaluating a Lufkin-based power plant, otherwise planned to be scrapped, to determine if it could be salvaged.

After determining that the property could be restored, Allegiant Industrial was awarded the purchase order to complete the evaluation and assess cost to restart the previously-named Aspen Power Plant in Lufkin, Texas.

Upon completion of this evaluation, Jefferson Energy purchased the property, and the Aspen Power Plant was renamed Jefferson Renewable Fiber.

In December 2020, Jefferson Energy issued Allegiant Industrial a PO to get the plant ready to start up. The contract award for the startup of the Jefferson Energy Power Plant, was just over 6.2 million dollars.

The plant was examined from feed in to power out, and all equipment on-site was tested and repaired or replaced. Any missing equipment was procured, installed, and tested. The boiler was repaired and re-certified to be ready for operation.

With a focus on safety, environmental, schedule and cost savings, the project came in with zero safety or environmental issues, ahead of schedule and under budget.

Through innovations from an experienced management team, the plant was ready to start in just under four months (two months earlier than originally estimated) with a substantial cost savings to the client.

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