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We think of safety first in all that we do and accept no compromise

for our employees‘ and customers’ protection from harm.

Our approach to safety consists of three components:


PROCESS SAFETY: Understanding the hazards in our working environments.

TRAINING/AWARENESS: Defined training and process to identify hazards and control risk, minimizing the opportunity for accidents.

BEHAVIORAL SAFETY: Influence a culture of both safe working and mutual protection

At Allegiant Industrial, safety goes beyond ensuring compliance with safe work practices. It is a daily commitment that we make as leaders, as team members and as individuals to work safely and watch out for one another:

We have a genuine belief that zero incidents is achievable and a culture that is intolerable of incidents

We believe in safe decisions “all day, every day.” Everyone has the responsibility to make the right and safe decision.

We believe in a willingness to step up when unsafe acts or conditions are observed.

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